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Career Coaching, Grief, and Relationship Guidance

Career Intuitive, Relationship & Grief Intuitive Sue Frederick will push you to see the destiny work (your soul’s mission) that you’ve already signed up for, and understand the changing cycles of your life, career and relationships. She’ll “love up on you” by seeing you as your greatest self; bigger and wiser than all of your struggles; bigger than your pain story. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A SESSION IN HER ONLINE CALENDAR!

Sue is your Soul Whisperer; your Story Shifter! 


She speaks to the essence of YOU; to your strong, loving, powerful divine self who knows you got this!

She’ll hold you in that positive consciousness and help you shift up to it. She will not agree to your victim hood; to your blame and anger; she will not see you as broken. She will acknowledge that wounded part of you and love on it; but she will not hold it as who you are. She’ll show you how to use your pain as fuel for a better life. She’ll align you with your exquisite divine self; your wise and powerful heart; your amazing gifts; and the great work you came here to do.

Her intuition is flawless and she clearly sees the great potential in you and how to turn it into a successful career. Sue is a Master Numerologist and uses numerology to connect to your soul plan and soul agreements.

If you’re grieving for a departed loved one, Sue will guide you through a direct healing conversation with your loved one on the other side that will be empowering and life-changing. She will also use guided writing to download insight from your departed and share that insight during the session.

If you’re heartbroken over relationships, Sue will clearly explain your soul agreements with the important players in your life and help you find true love.

After this one-hour session (by phone or zoom), you’ll walk away with a new perspective on your life’s direction, the work you came here to do & the love you came to experience. You’ll feel empowered and see your losses and grief from a healing perspective. You’ll have baby steps for moving forward.

 When you sign up for a career intuitive coaching session, Sue will ask for your full name as it is on your birth certificate and your date of birth. With this information to connect her to your path, she spends an hour prepping for your session – meditating on your path, and downloading intuitive guidance for you.

When your session begins, she is already connected to your journey, your challenges, your departed loved ones, and your great potential. She will guide you forward in a powerful, focused way. Often, she will have dreams to share with you that have come through the night before your session. These dreams contain important information to help you navigate your journey.

You will be able to ask Sue specific questions about your choices, your career and your relationships, and together create a practical plan for your future that begins with manageable steps. The end result will be tremendous clarity about your true work and how to make it happen; as well as how to navigate the challenging transitions of life, love, grief and career.

There are no refunds but you’re welcome to reschedule if your appointment time needs to be changed. It’s helpful to read Sue’s books I See Your Dream Job or I See Your Soul Mate or Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side to prepare for your session

$250 for one hour-long session by phone or zoom – Click on the Visa icon below to pay for your session.




$250 for one hour-long session by phone or zoom – Click on the Visa icon above to pay for your session.

(Recently my booking calendar has not been showing all of my available time slots. If you want to have a session with me and don’t see an available time that works for you please email me and I’ll find a time for you.)

If you have a phone or zoom session with me in the month of August you’re invited to join our FREE Group Coaching Webinar in August. In this free group coaching webinar, you’ll receive answers to questions that may have arisen since your private session and we’ll check in on your baby steps and how you’re progressing. You’ll get re-inspired and re-invigorated as we rise up together! You can only attend this coaching webinar if you’ve already had a session with me this month. Email me for more info: Sue  at

If you’re interested in my Soul Shifting Coaching Package which includes four private session and one group webinar click here for more info: SOUL SHIFTING COACHING PACKAGE


“Sue, you have a wonderful gift and we both feel fortunate that you’ve come into our lives, especially during these challenging times. You gave us some very valuable advice today which we certainly appreciate and will use to help us move forward.” R. C. Collins, Denver, CO.

“Sue, thank you so much for all of your insight, encouragement, and reassurance. I loved how precise you were in your recommendations to me. I felt so energized after talking to you.” T. M. – Los Angeles, CA.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH SUE! I so appreciate your words. Not only do they give me comfort, but also hope. It feels like I can breathe for the first time in over a year.” – C.K. – Phoenix, Arizona

“I had the good fortune to do a session with Sue Frederick yesterday! I felt so much more sure of myself after our session. Sue’s amazing insight, practical suggestions and tough love resulted in my being more inspired about my life’s purpose and work than I have been in a long time!” C.A.L – Pittsburgh, PA.

“My sincere thanks to you for an intense hour of opening good and meaningful possibilities for me. I appreciate your help and passing on your vibrant energy as well.” Trina Wherry – New York

“First I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed our session. The entire concept was amazing and exactly what I needed to jump start my life. I kept listening to the tape over and over this weekend…and it has reinforced my belief that my session with you on Friday was a profound turning point in my life.” J. D. – Baltimore, MD.

“You did a marvelous session with me awhile back. And I was thinking of you just last night. I wanted to let you know again how much you helped me. You inspired and validated me to be exact! So I wanted to let you know what great work you do…Brilliant! And how your gift and work has a tremendous domino effect throughout many other people’s lives. Thank you again.” — Diane Jerue, New York City

“Sue, I feel so much relief and peace after working with you. Looks like things are in motion. I look forward to working with you again.” Lisa D., San Francisco, California