Feelin our feelings… Yes the law of attraction is correct that our energy affects us (for better or worse) and impacts how we move through challenges.
But we also agree to certain challenges as part of our soul’s life plan – to help us evolve. This is why we’re here – to evolve consciousness.  And help others along the way.
Don’t be afraid of your feelings- your grief, sadness, anger – all of those emotions are part of the human experience. They open us up and force us to grow – to seek a new answer.
Without those emotions we would be robots – going about our daily business without passion or sorrow to guide us. Or love…
To know love we must also experience lack of love – a constant craving – grief and loneliness. They show us what’s essential here – where to focus.
This is why I believe that grief is our greatest teacher; she breaks our hearts wide open to understand true love. She rearranges priorities.
So whether it’s a movie about grief or a deep and soulful Blues song or a book that breaks you open with pain – it’s a good thing. It’s reminding you of your greatness; your true essence as a soul on a powerful journey of evolution. It’s touching your heart. Your sacred indestructible heart.
If you want to meet the wisest, kindest, most aware souls on earth – have a conversation with a grieving mom. They’ll show you what’s important here. Yes they feel tremendous pain – but it’s equally matched by their enormous capacity for unconditional love, gratitude and joy.
Today I celebrate Elizabeth Veney Boisson, Lisa Wilcoxson, Lynn Hoff-Hollahan, Carol Sanna Allen and all the parents who are part of HelpingParentsHeal. They understand the essence, the truth, of this human experience.
They fear nothing. Not their pain. Their powerful intuition. Or their boundless love.