Sacred Self Alignment Monthly Zoom Class

Join us to align with your soul's wisdom no matter what challenges you face



July 11, Aug 1, Sept 12, Oct 3, Nov 7 - 2022

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm MST (Arizona time)

This pivotal moment in our collective consciousness is calling us to live in alignment with our soul’s view, our soul’s wisdom – even when facing devastating loss, anxiety or self-doubt. JOIN OUR MONTHLY ZOOM CALLS! REGISTER HERE: 

Each month Sue Frederick, lifelong intuitive, ordained Unity Minister & spiritual coach, will guide you (on zoom) through processes and discussions that empower you to get wiser than your ego; more enlightened than your mind; allow your divinity to overpower your limited human self. We live here with one foot in the human and one foot in the divine; but our divine self gets overpowered by the human part of us – the ego gains control to help us physically survive. In this monthly program, your soul takes the lead; your divine self becomes the boss, and your ego settles down to support you on the journey of your soul. SIGN UP HERE:

Topics include: Sacred meditation & prayer techniques; communication with spirit guides, your council of elders & departed loved ones; sacred numerology; channeled writing; guided group soul regressions; trusting your intuition; soul review practice; understanding your life plan, soul agreements & soul mission.

Perhaps you go to a chiropractor to get your spine in alignment or an acupuncturist to get your chi into alignment – but we all need help staying in alignment with our soul’s wisdom – especially in these tough times. These monthly meetings are for your soul’s alignment with the God Consciousness within you – the part of you that already knows everything you need to know but isn’t distracted by the cynicism of this dense realm.You’ll experience powerful insights, learnings and techniques that get you back into alignment with your highest self so that you can live the life you came here to live, accomplish your soul mission, fulfill your soul agreements and rise above whatever challenges you’re facing. You’ll connect with like-minded souls! SIGN UP HERE!