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Ego Lens or Divine Lens?

The most wonderful thing about being human is our ability to choose. In this earthly realm, we’re allowed to experience the perfect combination of destined soul mission and free will – every moment of our lives. We each come here with a great soul intention to live up... Read More


You already know how this ends…

You already know how this ends… You know that in the end you will be fully revealed as who you came to be and you hope that this revelation won’t be on your deathbed when the illusion finally fades and it’s too late to change everything. And you hope it won’t be when... Read More


Find Your Life’s Mission

Listen into this powerful interview hosted by Spiritual Happy Hour to discover the amazing power hidden inside you waiting to be unleashed. Tap into our inner guidance and align with our unique soul mission in order to move through our challenges in life and find our great work. Audio... Read More